Anticipation by Amber-Aria



22 June 2015 at 23:53:12 MDT

I had the honour and pleasure of doing this painting for my friend NiahmCeridwyn and her mate, Twilight_Foxxon, to celebrate their joy in expecting their first child for November this year~ Darnit, their kid's gonna be adorable. <3


Media Used: PaintTool SAI and Manga Studio
Time Taken: 8 hours, 25 minutes
Commission Type: Full Painting


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    Thank you again Amber, this turned out beautifully and I will always love it.

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      More than welcome, Nia~ It was and is my honor to do something beautiful to commemorate something even more beautiful. c:

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    Of course their kid's gonna be adorable. You're gonna be illustrating them. :D