Little Frame, All Boss by Amber-Aria

Little Frame, All Boss


9 June 2015 at 00:55:01 MDT

This was a gift purchased for Chances by BossLeBlanc, and this was one of those paintings I was a little unsure about until I got to about the halfway point. Working with more muted colours and lots of blacks always poses a challenge to me on a character, but once I got Ronnie refined, the rest fell into place rather nicely, I must say.

Fun fact: the red Jeep they're working on is based on my own vehicle, since their square features are much easier to paint quickly than any other car. The character Ronnie's bossing at is also one of my own sorely neglected folks, Sloan. This is... actually only the second time I've ever drawn him since I made him. Poor guy can't catch a break!


Media Used: PaintTool SAI
Time Taken: 4 hours
Commission Type: Speedpainting (marker-style lines)

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    I enjoy people just being people in their everyday lives more than one might expect. Sloan's body language and expression are absolutely perfect, and speak volumes about his lot in life and his relationship with this lady he's never actually seen until just now.
    Likewise, Ronnie looks completely natural here, and has brandished that wrench more times than she can count.
    (Still can't wait for the next time a neglected character just appears out of nowhere. There's gotta be one in the next batch!)

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      I really agree~ Dealing with body language and drawing everyday situations is probably my favourite challenge to work with in terms of art. If I succeed in doing so, viewers will (hopefully) see more of a character in an image than I could provide in a paragraph of text.

      (I'm having too much fun finding excuses to quietly shove my characters into images, so I don't doubt this'll keep happening. xD )