About me

Name: Amarune (not my real name)

Art style: Primarily Literature, though I do work in other medias as well, mostly digital and traditional drawing, though that stuff won't be posted usually.

What I write: Most of what I write will be completely related to one of my half dozen or so unfinished novels, however there will occasionally be one-shots, a random short story, or maybe even some poetry.

I'm Primarily a writer and have been posting my work on and off on DeviantArt for close to 2 years. My goal is to eventually get my stuff published, or to self publish it, however I know it's not the greatest and I often run into major periods of writer's block. Since I don't get the views on DA that I'd like, or the advice and critiques that could help me improve, I've decided to give Weasyl a shot. I'm hoping that by posting my Lit here as well that I can get at least a little attention, and maybe some critiques to help me improve.

What am I?: I've been asked a lot during private chats what I am, because I'll occasionally fall back on what I'm most comfortable with and talk as though I'm an animal rather than a human. My fursona is a winged demon wolf, I may post a ref of her at some point, though it's not likely.

Currently working on and completion status (this is pretty much my order of priority)

~ A safe place to call home - Chapter 4 (33% complete)

~No Kill Love(working title) - Outlining (just started)

~ Finding Fate's truth - Chapter 1 (0% complete-on hold)

~ HASA - Chapter 2 (2% complete-on hold)

~ Colorado Dreamers - Prologue (25% complete-on hold)

~ Colorado Dreamers - Chapter 1 (1% complete-on hold)


If you're going to critique my work, please tell me the following, and rate each point on a scale of 1-5. (if it's not too much trouble that is)

~ The over all Rating

~ Vision

~ Originality

~ Technique

~ Impact

Also and suggestions for improvement would be highly appreciated.

Latest Journal

Looking for a little feed back for research purposes.

on 15 June 2013 at 16:22:17 MDT

OK, so I was hoping I could get a little feed back from the community on Commissions, so if some of you could spare a little time to take a short(7 question)survey it would be much appreciated.

Please and thank you and cookies for everyone who at least took the time to read this. ^_^

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Average length story (6000-9000 words)
$ 15.00
Long story (9000-12000 words)
$ 20.00
Short story (3000-6000 words)
$ 10.00
Snapshot story (>=3000words)
$ 5.00
add  Additional character - Custom created by me
$ 2.00
add  Aditional character - Premade by you
$ 1.00
add  Adult Content - Explicit (Explicit rateing)
from $ 3.00
to $ 5.00
add  Adult content - Mild (Mature rateing)
from $ 2.00
to $ 3.00
add  PDF Copy emailed to you
$ 1.00

Visual arts

Please read the following before requesting a literature commission, and feel free to ask questions regarding prices and payment options as I may consider alternatives in some cases.

Lit commissions:

Page details:

*Page size- Standard 8 ½ x 11 page

*Margins- Standard 1" margins all around

*Font- Times New Roman 12

*Spacing and Alignment- Single spaced, space after each paragraph, first line indented, Left Aligned

-These specifications produce around 750-800 words per page-

~Base price covers 2-3 characters and no adult content; additional characters and adult content will be extra

~All finished products will be posted online somewhere, however you may also request a PDF(or other format) Version be emailed to you for $1


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    Thanks for watching. And I'm glad you found the critique helpful.

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      You're welcome, it really was helpful, and i look forward to maybe getting to read more of your work as well.

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    Thanks for the follow! ^_^

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      You're very welcome, I love your work, especial the photos of the wolves.

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        Thanks. I take alot of pictures of them. ^_^

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          I especially love the closeups.

          You have some real talent with a camera, keep up the good work. ^_^ *starts watching you on DA as well*

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    Thank you fur the follow. Have enjoyed 'A safe place to call home'.!!