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Pretty Zombie Boy [Closed] by Amakai

Pretty Zombie Boy [Closed]


So I finally got enough points to buy this base that I've been wanting since I saw it. I did a bit of color testing with this and I think it came out pretty well.

Price - $5/500 points
Owner -

My Adopt Rules.

  • Do not claim the designs/artwork as yours. You didn't create it. I did.
  • You cannot change the gender.
  • Don't change the overall design of the adoptable. You may change minor things but not the entire outfit. Keep it recognizable. You are allowed to add onto the outfits like add designs/patterns/accessories & of course you can make new outfits for them.
  • You must credit me if you post/submit them to your page.
  • Do NOT post them outside of DA without crediting me. If anyone sees these posted outside of DA or even from anyone other then me or the owner, tell me right away.
  • Once you send me the points for your adoptable, I will send you the unmarked copy of the individual you bought. Make it clear you're bidding & reply to the proper comment or your bid will be ignored and I will not reply to your comment.
  • Do NOT resell/trade/giveaway the adopt you have bought please. THIS INCLUDES CUSTOMS. That's just rude. If you get tired of it, return it to me & I will find them a new home. I got sick and tired of people never TELLING me so now you have to suffer with your purchase if you land up not liking it later.

Art by Amakai
Base by Ji-yun on DA

Submission Information

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