Pantie Boys by Amakai

Pantie Boys


13 June 2016 at 18:58:12 MDT

Finally had time and energy to finish these. I started them before my trip and just never had any chance to work on them while I was gone xD They are all boys. Don't like it, don't look or leave a stupid comment.

Hikaru adopted from Yukii-tan on DA
Kaname adopted from Tomboy-Kei on DA
Mai adopted from oddlittleleaf on DA
Nobu adopted from Tomboy-Kei on DA
BonBon adopted from ribbon-adopts on DA
Remi created by Amakai411
Luka adopted from shotapenis on DA
Kiwi adopted from mercury-king on DA

OC's & Art (c) Amakai
Base by Meirii on DA