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Adopt a Raptor [$9] by Amagire

Adopt a Raptor [$9]


Top to bottom, let's meet these fine feathered friends!

STRELA is a nature photographer who can usually be found forty feet off the ground taking pictures of epiphytic ferns, or sitting in a blind for 47 hours straight waiting for a particular bird to strike a particular pose. Since her work demands silence, stealth, precision and patience, she is impulsive, abrupt, and loud about every other aspect of her life, both private and public. Her preferred social unit is a loud wild party, and she has a knack for making them even louder and wilder. Likes: Big stupid action movies, rollercoasters, karaoke. Hates: lens caps, waiting rooms, going more than three days without getting an invitation to something. (Adopted by Metis!)

MUSOPH is a usability consultant, and is really, really tired of explaining her job to people. When she attended her 20-year high school reunion, she told everyone she sold pants insurance. This seemed like a funny joke at the time, but ever since then she's had to delete 2 or 3 Facebook messages a week from former classmates who are actually really concerned about their pants liability, now that they think about it. Likes: balcony gardening, long phone conversations, fuzzy slippers. Dislikes: scary movies, being mistaken for a website designer, cats. Available!

ACANTH has a way of turning even the most ordinary events and encounters into amusing anecdotes. In her free time she helps moderate a fashion forum and is a thrift store junkie. Even though she has a well-paying job and lives comfortably, she can't resist "the thrill of the hunt", as she describes it. She privately thinks that paying full price for clothes is unsporting. Likes: romance novels, Thai food, paying $10 for $200 shoes. Dislikes: cheese, waking up before 9:00, shopping online. Available!

GOSERI is an intensely competitive amateur athlete and pours pretty much all of her time, money and attention into conditioning for races, traveling to races, and maintaining her beloved custom bicycle. She can come across as brusque and inconsiderate as a casual acquaintance, but her friends see her as reliable but self-contained. She may not ask if you had a good day at work, but if you call her in the middle of the night needing a place to stay, she'll give you her key without hesitating. Likes: hot-stone massage, audiobooks, Lady Gaga. Dislikes: road rash, California drivers, molting season. (Adopted by zlatohrbitek!)

$9 each, Paypal only, please note me to claim! You get a transparent, full-res PNG delivered to the e-mail address of your choice, or uploaded privately for a link-grab. Your adopted character belongs to you: you may change them at will, trade or resell, all I ask is that you not resell for more than you paid originally. You also get a 20% discount on any future commissions from me featuring your adopted character, including ref sheets.

Thanks for looking!

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    Oh. God. That first one is me. Just in raptor form. notes

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    I love these very much.

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      My artist's statement is EVERYTHING IS BIRDS.

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    AHAHAHAHA. Oh god. I can't... Goseri is a very dedicated amateur to maintain that aerodynamic style.... It HAS to be painful. (Where is Zlato? I need him to tell the ponytail bicycle racing aerodynamic analysis story.)

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      also, notes

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      The famous racing ponytail story is that of the 1989 Tour de France, which Greg LeMond (the American who had become the first non-European to win the event in 1986) won by 8 seconds (the smallest margin in history) over Laurent Fignon (a two-time winner himself, and the one of the two last French victors) by overturning a deficit of 50 seconds in the final time trial. According to Bill and Carol McGann (, "LeMond had done wind-tunnel testing and had perfected his riding position. For the time trial he had an aerodynamic helmet and the aero bars which he had used to good effect in stage 5.... Fignon shunned the niceties of aerodynamics. He didn't use tri bars or an aero helmet. He even wore a wind-dragging ponytail.... An aerodynamicist once calculated that if Fignon had just cut off his ponytail to reduce his drag, he would have been able to go fast enough to have won the Tour".

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    as a former UX person, i identify deeply with musoph