Reality As A Plaything by Alterationartist

Reality As A Plaything


20 March 2015 at 05:08:42 MDT

Status: Gift

My good friend, Khrae, who goes by the title of Alientknight on FA (aka go watch em now), made this astounding piece for me as a gift. For the content we have a merge between my dragoness Torres, and Khrae's own character, Cerulea!

Cerulea is quite a powerful dream dragoness, on par with the fluffdragoness goddess herself, being that Torres isn't immune to mortals. In addition with control over the realm of the mind, Cerulea is in the possession of reality-bending powers. Getting these two together (consensual, of course among these two loving friends) results in a creature much more powerful than the sum of her parts! With one dragoness who can grow and transform, and maintain you under her paw in the realms of consciousness or subconsciousness, few can match the might of this magnificent lady~

Observe how casually she lounges across the landscape, where with a mere thought or flick of her tail, that same world could have its entirety balanced on her snout or lost between her breast plates as she yearns with the desire to grow! To control! To flaunt her majesty across the cosmos as if it were a simple indulgence.

Tread carefully, travelers, lest you end up under her massive pawpads by accident or provocation!

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