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Another Day in Another World by Alterationartist

Another Day in Another World

Torres, the fluffy white dragoness, woke up from a long peaceful night of slumber. The air was cool, but it meant little with her thick fur and the warmth of the large dragoness she nestled with the night before. She was still asleep, her breath slow and deep with blissful slumber. She too was also covered in lush white fur, though hers was thicker than Torres' because of her large size. Were this large feral dragoness standing, she would reach easily fifteen feet tall at her shoulder and almost twice as long counting her long thick tail. Torres called this dragoness, herself, and the other dragons of their species on this world "fluffdragons".

Torres, more an anthro standing at eight feet even, had been sleeping in a cave, roomy enough to accomodate herself and the lone feral dragoness inside. Torres was merely a guest in this cave. She stood up, stretching her firm, muscular build with a sweet and adorable yawn. Her tail twitched as she shook off a peaceful and relaxing night of sleep. She gave her sleeping host a small kiss on the cheek, who only gave a warm purr in response. She turned and left, stepping out into a misty grassland. Behind her was a large mountain, too jagged for an average sized human to scale bare-handed. Alongside the cave embedded in the base of this particular rocky mountain were a few other sizeable caves, probably with their own fluffdragons making their home in them. Some even sheltering groups or families of fluffdragons nestled together for warmth and comfort.

The grassland that stood before Torres was long, stretching all the way to the horizon on every side that wasn't blocked by a long stretch of mountain. She walked forward, sucking in a few gulps of the misty air. The air, or rather the entire atmosphere was filled with a cool bluish mist, lightly grey since it obscured the light from the sun outside the thick fog cover it created, looking like a permanently cloudy day. The mist was present all around, spreading from the sky all the way to the ground. The magic in the mist was all the fluffdragons needed to feed on. The magic kept their bodies full and satiated, though it was also delicious to one with a taste for it, like Torres herself. The mist didn't simply stay in the air. It wafted onto the ground, permeating the grass, trees and other plants in this world, making them edible to anything that could feed on plantlife. Because of how misty the air was, it was actually a bit more difficult to see through for an average human. However, anything with strong or magical eyes, like a fluffdragon's for example, could pierce through the foggy mist much more clearly.

Torres kept walking along the grass, which was free of insects, thorns, or weeds that would it make it unpleasant to walk across with bare feet, or in this case, bare paws. On the horizon, a large forested area appeared in her sight. The trees were easily over 50ft tall and spread far from each other to allow plenty of space for a large feral fluffdragon to walk through. She walked toward the tall wall of trees, her tail swishing with glee as she sucked in more mist to feed herself, rubbing her belly as it filled with the cool magic.

Even though the trees were incredibly tall, they weren't as thick to match it, which was useful since it allowed plenty of the wild forest plants to grow at their base. The plants that grew within the forest looked like huge, wildly growing versions of farm crops seen in many other worlds, some even with different colors. Obviously, the bizarre nature of the magical mist seemed to change these plants to survive without the kind of care required to support these plants in farm and garden conditions.

There were plenty of berries of different kinds and in every color of the rainbow, which glowed like colorful lamps through the hazy mist to draw in hungry creatures to a plentiful bounty. Their vines spread wildly in all direction, curling around whatever was nearby, which was often one of the large trees. Given enough time, one of these plants could climb the entire trunk of one of the trees, offering glowing delicious fare along the entire bark.

Torres couldn't resist snacking on the magic filled berries, enjoying all the flavors they had. They tasted like delicious, fruity candy in. Along her walk through the deep and serene forest, she saw many of the other kinds of wild crops that grew all over, with many familiar fruits and veggies. All of them were fast growing so they could provide plenty of food for any hungry wandering fluffdragons or other visiting creatures. Some of the trees also had several delicious fruits growing from their branches, occasionally falling to be found and eaten.

Torres walked along, snacking on the plentiful natural bounty as she went. A short walk longer, she reached a huge clearing in the midst of the forest. It was long and wide, accomodating several fluffdragons. All of them were sleeping peacefully in the grass, awaiting a later morning. It was natural for them to stay awake until they were ready to sleep, and sleep until they were completely rested. There were no responsibilites to wake for, allowing the ferals to sleep as long as they wanted. Torres couldn't help but adore how cute they all looked, giving each one a kiss on the snout as she passed. A few of them stirred a little, but they continued sleeping. The grass in the clearing was thicker than in the plains, making a softer surface to lay or rest on. All the trees surrounding it made very little wind pass through, making it warmer than even the mountain caves. With the warmth, friendly company, and plenty of food not far away, it was no wonder why so many fluffdragons made these clearings a resting spot.

Torres passed through a thinner stretch of trees on the other side of the clearing, finding a few early risers already taking in their morning meal off the wild plants. She couldn't resist greeting them during a chance encounter like this, giving each of them a hug. There were some rather indifferent reactions from fluffdragons focused mostly on food, but some were kind enough to offer a lick back.

Torres left the small grove of trees, stepping into a hilly plain. She gave a light giggle as she ran atop the highest hill, overlooking an amazing sparkling lake. The water looked clear, even from afar. There were very few fluffdragons sleeping here, likely because the air around the lake was cold at night. The air around the lake didn't warm up until a good amount of daylight passed. Even though the sun could never be seen under the clouds of magical mist, its effects stayed present as it provided warmth for the whole world. Torres ran down to the glittering lake, a bit more resistant to the cold than normal fluffdragons. She took a drink from the water, purring loudly at the rush of energy it gave her. Ample amounts of the magical mist were present in the lake water. The lake never ran dry, seeming to fill back up on its own with powerful magical water. One might say the lake might even be the mist itself, settling into a pool where it could absorb no further into the ground. Lakes like these all over the world only appeared in really low altitudes. Another point that contributed to this idea was that all the shimmering magic lakes were wide, yet shallow, their bottoms coated in a bizarre mix of moss and aquatic grass. These lakes weren't much for swimming in, but fluffdragons of all stages of life enjoyed playing in the cool waters once in a while. Beyond being a drinkable version of fluffdragon nutrition, the lakes served to provide visitors with essential water to live comfortably. A drink of the magical water provided a refreshing burst of energy because of the magic within it.

Torres stepped into the cool water, shivering a little when it covered her furry paws. The lake water only came up to her waist, or what would be near the lower paws on a feral fluffdragon's body. It was a bit cold, but her body warmed up pretty quickly after a short while. Yet another contributor to the idea that the lakes may have been borne from the magical mist was that the water always stayed clean, no matter how much dirt entered it. Everything like dirt and rocks settled to the bottom of the shallow pools of water, becoming more of the grassy bottom. Torres made a show of rubbing the misty water over her body, making her fur glisten as she rubbed off any dirt she had gotten on herself. She made sure to get her body good and soaked, before shivering herself to dry off, her soft fur fluffing out.

After Torres finished getting herself clean, she waded across the misty lake, the cool water really helping her feel awake now. When she reached the other side, the air was beginning to warm up. The sun above the misty cover finally starting to shed its warmth over the world, if not all of its light.

There was very little forest around Torres now, and the hills became flatter until it was all one big plain again. The air away from the lake became warmer and more comfortable, Torres shivering away the last bits of cold. With it being later in the morning now, a few young fluffdragons had emerged from their night of sleep to play and frolic in the beautiful green fields. They were obviously much smaller than fully grown fluffdragons, and even more carefree. They were too adorable for Torres to resist giving each and every one of them a great big hug. They were much friendlier and accepting than hungry adults, each one returning the hug with their soft forepaws. They let out cute little noises to make it all the more adorable, their tails wagging playfully. She frolicked with the fluffdragon younglings for a good long while, crossing the long field of grass until she reached a great marvel of the world's natural beauty.

Before Torres was a long and wide field of gorgeous flowers in every color imagineable, though they all had the same simple shape. If one were to smell each color though, they would notice a different scent on each one. Each one was a completely random smell, except every scent was pleasant to most fluffdragons. Torres flopped onto her back amidst all the beautiful flowers. She spent a while picking and smelling flowers, taking a small break after all the walking she had been doing. Soon enough, she found herself dozing off, the sheer quiet driving her into a nap.

When Torres awoke, it was fully light out, and everything felt really warm like a sunny afternoon. She stood up in the field, the young fluffdragons having returned to the grassier parts of the field to be closer to their parents. Torres yawned, having played around and seen everything there was to do in this peaceful world. She figured she was ready to find an adventure in a different universe.

She floated up into the sky with her power as the goddess of this beautiful and tranquil world, the mist getting thicker as she flew higher. High up in the air, it became harder to see through all the thick mist, until she finally emerged above the cloudlike layer of magical mist. The sky was a rather dark blue color, compared to the skies in other universes. The mist clouds that surrounded the world below seemed to make up most of its atmosphere and the spot that Torres managed to come out into was almost in space. Torres could see the sun from here, and it was obvious how such light and warmth could penetrate such thick cloud cover. The sun this world revolved around was much bigger and closer, looking golden in color. That seemed mostly cosmetic rather than anything justified by any explainable science, much like everything else in the world.

Torres floated towards the sun, impervious to the lack of air and burning heat. She looked at her world as she drifted farther away, the planet looked like sparkling silver with the sunlight glistening off the surface of mist. If that hadn't been there, she might have seen a massive world, ten times the size of certain inhabited planets she's seen. There would have been mostly grass and trees and plenty of high jagged mountains that were difficult to traverse unless one was as big and grounded as the fluffdragons were. There were no oceans on this world, only many more lakes. She floated to the other side of the sun, floating much farther away than her planet was compared to the sun. She crossed miles of space in seconds when she focused all her power on pushing forward. At the exact opposite end of the sun was a tiny miniature planet.

She landed on this small planet. The gravity barely enough to hold her on its surface. The planet was nothing but grass and flowers, and the sky was a light blue, more familiar to any outsiders who visited. On this rather plain mini-world, there was only a lone house, a single story tall. She stepped inside, where there was only a single room. It was furnished with immensely beautiful and luxurious furniture. There was a lush, comfortable bed, big enough to accomodate bigger than average visitors. Next to it were some dressers filled with clothes to suit most sizes, should those visitors dirty their own belongings and desire to change. On the other end of the room was a tree, growing through the floor next to a window where a lot of sun could enter and keep it healthy. The tree bore apples to satisfy any hungry guests and there was a constant stream of water running across it from a spring in the third corner. The spring was big enough to bathe in and clean enough to drink from, offering more light accomodation to weary guests.

In the fourth corner were two glowing, swirling portals. They were a glistening blue in color, one coming from the wall and the other embedded in a small stone gate right in front of it. The one in the wall led to the vast void that separates universes, where Torres loved to explore and see the wonders of places made by other gods and goddesses. Occasionally, she even met the beings that created those universes and worlds.

The portal in the gate led back to a special cave back on the world of fluffdragons. In this cave was the only portal that could lead between this place of rest and the world of fluffdragons. This particular cave seemed to be avoided by most fluffdragons, even though its entrance sat in plain sight. Perhaps there was something instinctually written into the minds of fluffdragons to find different caves than this one to sleep in, so that this cave could only be accessed by those who truly have need of it.

The portals were placed like so for a very specific reason. Someone who came through the portals quickly, without being able to conceive that a small restful place like this could exist between portals, might charge through both of them and directly between the universal void and Torres' world of fluffdragons. Both portals seemed to swirl with light and wind, making it difficult to catch a glimpse at the room when standing or walking between the wall and the gate. Anyone could pass through the carefully arranged portals too fast, being none the wiser that they passed through such a comfortable home.

Torres wasted no time dashing into the universal void. There were an infinite number of worlds to explore and play in, and she was ready for just another day...

Another Day in Another World


Status: Personal Writings
Author: Me

This is a simple story exercise that I use as a sort of world-building for the universe that Torres has dominion over. In essence, this is supposed to be a world which Torres would design. Given how self-explanatory the setting description is, I'll just leave you with the suggestion to read this if you ever wanted to know where a fluffdragon goddess would live.