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Rookies get Noogies by AlphaGodith

Rookies get Noogies


12 April 2019 at 16:49:43 MDT

art trade for novaraptor on fa
characters designed by acember and eisenheim

i worked SO FREAKIN' HARD on this picture. i made a 3d sculpture to reference the pose, had coldgemini and other artists help me get the anatomy right.... i had to learn whole new ways of lining, coloring, AND shading just for this pic!!! like, i now know what 'clipping group' means, and why it's a good idea to put each color on a different layer. the file for this almost got too big to save/open in sai. not to mention how complex these guys' markings are... friggin' gradients.

this is my new 'max quality' (apart from the background obviously, that was just thrown in to explain the light source and tie in with the characters' backstories) and the current cost of a pic like this is $78.50. which is obviously a lot more than i used to charge, but i think this is easily the highest quality piece i've ever done, and it's got two characters, one of which has pretty complex markings. i know other people who charge far more and far less for the same quality so... it's kinda hard to say for sure if this is a fair price or not, but i think it works. you can still get art from me much cheaper, it just won't be as sharp as this, cuz that sharpness took a LOT of time and effort. maybe when i get more used to this style i can lower the price.

so um... yeah i worked really REALLY hard on this, and i'm pretty proud of it... so... please tell me what you think about the quality and what price you think would be fair for something like this 8C

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