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Franko English Edition - Kickstart us!


4 April 2016 at 15:52:44 MDT

It's finally happening! Sofawolf Press is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of "Franko, Fables of the Last Earth" by Cristóbal Jofré and Ángel Bernier. Franko was originally published in Spanish as "Franko, Fábulas de la Última Tierra". We at Sofawolf Press fell in love with Franko, his friend Shin, and their exploits, and we wanted to make the book available to our English-speaking audience via translation.

You'll recognize the artist behind Franko here as negger negger.

If you would like a copy of the book for yourself, please support our Kickstarter!

We're nearly 50% of the way to our goal, which is great, but we really want to go further so that we can offer a hardcover edition, plus extra special surprises that will be unlocked if we start reaching stretch goals. Please help us spread the word and share our campaign with any of your friends who you think might be interested!

Franko is a gorgeous collection of fables in comic form, with a vibrant color palette you might not expect from the driest place on Earth, the Atacama Desert of Chile. Each fable is a story in which Franko and his friends encounter various challenges and puzzles that help them learn and grow. The fables are not preachy morality lessons, but instead entertaining and thought-provoking scenarios that help them develop as characters. There's a fair amount of action, conflict, and challenges for the characters to overcome both physical and mental.

Our Kickstarter has a number of reward options at a variety of levels, including a digital-only level if you have a limited budget or can't stomach the cost of international shipping. (It's really unfortunate how expensive it is!) We've got fun things like stickers and pins and a Franko-mask bandana, as well as higher-end items like custom art. We also have a few remaining plushes by Kylie Trupp that are waiting to be snapped up!

Please give our campaign a visit!

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