Apex Predator Prologue by AllyAlbertosaurus (critique requested)

Apex Predator Prologue

The wilderness was quite barren and empty in comparison to the city. The only native inhabitants notable for dwelling within the fields were birds and insects. Beyond the tundra is a rundown, condemned building, a facility of some type. No one has been there for years, though it is reported to be an old lab where hybrid animals were born; particularly through gene splicing and inner bio-bag growth. Real animals were used in place of a bio-bag, but only once they were ready. Initially there were no plans for these beings to even reproduce at all, but mistakes are easy to make. On the upside, the scientists in charge of the creation of these creatures took advantage of this, allowing for these beasts to mature faster.
The animals physically had the appearance of both a human and a wolf combined to create some type of new creature dubbed ‘homini wolves’. Initially being designed and trained for display in circuses, pseudo-sanctuaries, and news bulletins to show off to regular humans who adored these animals specifically for their resemblance to werewolves in popular media and fiction of the past and the adlet from Native American legends. At some point, attention to the animals had already come and gone and the breeders eventually come to the decision of doing away with the homini wolves to make room for “better” full blooded wolves, hybridized only with subspecies of their own kind. Out of the ignorant assumption that the wolves weren’t intelligent, this was discussed in the front office, allowing the experimental pack from the lab to hear the conversation through the air ducts next to their kennels.
The pack arranged their own plan to escape the facility on a journey into the wilderness where they would never be found. After word had got out that they had escaped, police were called to search for them, but not a single trace was found. New wolves were created in place of the old ones; wolves with not a single ounce of human blood in them, and nobody cared for these hybrids as much as expected as these wolves had already been seen in the wild before. With no more resources left to create more unique hybrids, the facility became bankrupt and would eventually be condemned. The homini wolves made their home in the wilderness, living a somewhat tribal, humanized lifestyle. They lived in peace for many generations, until a threat from the past began to stalk them.

Apex Predator Prologue (critique requested)


10 March 2019 at 15:33:37 MDT

This was just a rough preview to the real thing and nothing less. Initially Apex Predator was planned out as a book but I lost the original draft and decided to start a new one. My next idea if this doesn't work out is to release Apex Predator as a graphic novel. I had Alison Savros as my pen name, but my real name is not a secret anymore so it's probably too late for that.

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