I'd Trade My Luck To Know by Alkraas

I'd Trade My Luck To Know


1 October 2017 at 15:22:25 MDT

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►► For - Shivannie on Deviantart ◄◄

╠ Secret-Summer-Santa ╣
Artwork © Alkraas
Character(s) © Shivannie

Programs: SAI Version 2; Photoshop 2017 | Tablet: Ugee M708

Heyo, I'm the replacement Secret Santa for the summer event.
Sorry that the original partner did not finish your gift.
Hope I could do something about it. And I hope my style is realistic
enough for your character!

Do not repost, steal, recolor, alter or sell this artwork.
Do not use this artwork in any way unless you are the owner of the
artwork or the character(s) in it