Smile! [Gift Story for Buizilla] by AlkaliRoo

Smile! [Gift Story for Buizilla]

Trick’s Selfie [Warmup Story]

It had been a few months since the growth started. This was Buizilla’s fault and his growth ray; the darn otter was always teasing Trick. This time he’d been caught by an ‘accidental’ blast from a science experiment, then informed that there was no way to turn the growth off for now. Trick was stuck with a constant, slow growth, adding around an inch a day to his height. The Manectric sat cross-legged in the bedroom, on the floor naturally so he wouldn’t break the bed, watching TV. Eventually the size-scientists would come up with a fix… but by now, Trick was learning to live with his expanded size. He’d grown past 12 feet tall and become accustomed to laying out in rooms, crouching down if he had to stand, and being naked constantly.

There was only one benefit to being this large: he couldn’t leave the house. None of the doors were wide or tall enough for him to get through, even if he crawled. So, no one would be able to see his lack of clothing. It was a small benefit, but Trick was willing to take it. As long as he stayed away from windows he could be safe from embarrassment. The TV and his computer provided entertainment and access to the world outside, as long as he didn’t break the remote or his keyboard with oversized fingers.

The door slammed open, and the electric type Pokémon instinctually covered his chest; no telling who might have been barging in after all. But speak of the devil, Buizilla walked inside. Trick watched the otter, his phone extended from his body to find just the right angle for a selfie. It took a few seconds but Buizilla was finally satisfied; Trick could see the upper half of his body and Bui were in frame. The Manectric’s eyes widened, sudden apprehension obvious on his face.

“What’s that in your hand, Bui?”

“A phone,” he said nonchalantly. Bui made a peace sign with his other hand as he grinned at the reflection of his own goofy expression while simultaneously capturing Trick’s mild agitation. “Smile!”

Trick’s face turned a light shade of red, his hand darting toward the phone in an attempt to pluck it from Bui’s grasp. But the picture was already taken. The Manectric realized his attempt to stop the selfie left his chest totally exposed; his hands found their positions on his pecs once again, covering as much as he was able. He wasn’t willing to give Bui the chance to snap an even more revealing picture on accident.

Trick glared at his friend. “Don’t you dare post that,” he huffed.

“Too late, it’s already on Twitter,” Bui replied. True to the otter’s word, the phone started to vibrate quickly. That picture was picking up likes and retweets quickly. “Wanna get another one?”


Smile! [Gift Story for Buizilla]


25 August 2019 at 21:26:16 MDT

Really been a long time since I posed a warmup story. Oof. But this one was fun, with a growing Manectric in it!

Buizilla made this picture, and it kinda set off my muse to write something up to go with it. Used it as the cover image with Buizilla's permission. Go find his work here!

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