Chibi At Thanksgiving by BuckDaSystem by AlkaliRoo

Chibi At Thanksgiving by BuckDaSystem


4 March 2018 at 15:38:46 MST

“Wow, finished with all that food already? We should be moving on then, it’s almost dinner time.”

“What? Dinner? But we just sat down… didn’t we?” Chibi asked. He was extremely confused; time seemed to pass in a blur for the whole duration of lunch. He could vaguely remember turkey, stuffing, ham… but he couldn’t tell just how much he’d eaten. The plates were stacked in large piled over the table in front of him, aside from a single small plate by Alkali with a half-eaten sandwich.

“Are you going to finish that?” Chibi asked, as his stomach grumbled its displeasure at being unfilled.

The marsupial shook his head no and watched his friend lean forward to grab it. The Buizel stopped when he felt his belly push up against the table. Now he realized what was wrong. He prodded at the table, then at his belly. Yup. That was definitely his gut. It was firm to the touch, but definitely his. His eyes went wide with obvious surprise as he looked at Alkali for an explanation.

The roo smiled. “Go on, you’re still hungry right?”

Art to accompany this story!
Drawn by BuckDaSystem!
Giant buizel is ChibiBuizel!

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