Gnoll Growth Warmup Story by AlkaliRoo

Gnoll Growth Warmup Story

Warmup Story: Gnoll Growth Story

They sent Bruz into town to pick up supplies. Not many gnolls in the Brownpelt clan could be trusted to go into town with the much smaller folks, and safely pick up their food and medicine. Someone levelheaded, well spoken, and patient. Someone that could ignore the constant jeers and attacks needed to do it. So the elders usually sent their best to Eastvale for this important task.

But when their best came down sick and unable to leave bed for a whole week, the elders shrugged and sent Bruz. They might be the biggest gnoll in the clan, and a klutz to boot, but at least they could speak the common tongue.

Bruz strolled into town, 12 feet of well-built gnoll humming a tune, paying no attention to the staring faces of the felines and canids. They waved at the smaller folk as they passed. A few of the villagers screamed and ran back inside, and parents held their children close to stop them running up to the colossus. The ground shook lightly with each step the house-sized gnoll took. Bruz figured the trip was going swimmingly. They couldn’t figure out why the elders were so wary of the little villagers. No one was attacking yet. It seemed totally safe so far.

“Just follow the directions and you can’t miss it,” Bruz hummed, repeating the instructions they’d been given.

Bruz saw the sign at the end of the (a bit cramped) alley. It said ‘APOTHECARY’ in unadorned capital letters. With a wag to their tail and a sway of their hips, they stomped forward. Shingles fell off the roofs and walls cracked when the aforementioned tail and hips bumped into the wood and stone buildings. Bruz never even noticed.

“Hey, are you open?” they asked, crouching down at the front door to look inside. The apothecary was surprisingly well stocked for a town this size. Rows and rows of shelves filled the unassuming building, each one covered in glowing potions and bottles of reagents. Bruz thought fondly back on his time at the capital city, with their arcane tomes and dangerous serums…

Inside a kobold peeked up from behind the counter. “Yes, hello! My name is Brood. Come in, I- actually could you stay outside? You’re big. You won’t fit. Yes, just stay there. You are here for the gnolls’ shipment, yes?”

“That I am! Could you please bring it to me?” Bruz said with a smile they hoped was friendly rather than toothy and intimidating.

“One moment, yes,” the grey scaled kobold said as he scurried away to storage.

Bruz took a seat, shaking the lanterns and signposts along the street. They tried to find entertainment in looking at the various bottles inside, trying to name them without seeing the tiny labels. Owl feathers… potion of protection from evil… lesser healing potion… silver thread… if Bruz was a younger gnoll this place would’ve been heaven. Those days were long since past, along with their adventuring friends. But it was enough to at least distract-

Wait. Was that a Potion of Enlarge Person? Bruz squinted at the neon blue potion. Yup, they’d recognize that glow anywhere. And it wasn’t just one bottle either… looking across the shelf they counted two, three, five… Bruz grinned. He scanned the apothecary and the alley way to see if anyone was looking. No one. In spite of the gnoll’s size, not a soul was looking. They could just sneak inside, grab a potion or three and escape. Their tail swished across the dirt path kicking up a dust cloud.

They crawled forward on hands and knees through the doorway. It was still too cramped inside for them to stand up fully, but that was fine. They shouldn’t get up and stomp around anyway. It could alert the kobold to the shenanigans happening at the store front.

Bruz grabbed a bottle carefully, and popped the cork off the top. At first they sipped gingerly, letting the fizzy raspberry flavor roll across their tongue. Whoever made these potions had a knack for it. Not just anyone could make a potion that tasted good AND had the intended effect. Bruz felt the bubbling power push over his fur and he expanded two feet taller in an instant.

“Mmmmmhhh,” Bruz groaned. At first there was hesitation; now that the familiar growing sensation was back, all caution was thrown to the wind. Bruz chugged the rest of the potion as they expanded to 22 feet tall. The leather armor on their body popped free and landed on the wooden floor, as the naked gnoll reached forward to grab the rest of the potions. Another cork popped free as they chugged the delicious serum. Heavy shelves fell to the ground unceremoniously as the tank-like gnoll barreled forward with growth. They pushed up into the rafters of the building within seconds, just as they popped the cork off the rest of the potions and started to drink them all at once…

“Have any more Enlarge Person potions?” Bruz asked bashfully, rubbing the back of their head with a heavy mitt that could cover a normal sized person easily.

The kobold looked up at the gnoll with horror. The apothecary shop was absolutely decimated, torn into tiny pieces by the body of over 50 feet of gnoll. He could see the debris littering the monster’s fur, bottles of potion and wood splinters. His master was going to be so, so mad about this…

And yet… “Uhm. Most of the potions were in there. But there’s… a storage building a few streets down? I could make you some more?”

Bruz’s ears perked up and their tail wagged once again. This time they were big enough that it brushed over the tops of the neighbors’ houses. “Lead the way! This’ll make dragging the supplies home a snap.”

Gnoll Growth Warmup Story


4 March 2018 at 13:21:10 MST

This Story Includes:
A gnoll
A kobold
Growth Potions

A quick warmup story done a month ago, posted now to kick off Macro March.
Hopefully the start of posting a whole lot of content that I've been taking way too long to post.

This time, my new gnoll character. They're a sweetheart. <3

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