An eldritch flower by a little alien thing

An eldritch flower

a little alien thing

16 March 2018 at 15:52:49 MDT

This is a piece of fan art I drew on Sunday for Unleash, IncubusGames's submission to Strawberry Jam 2 - a game jam all about horny games! I strongly recommend checking it out, if you're unaware of it - though keep in mind that almost everything there is extremely NSFW.

I worked on this for nine hours solid, with little more than a couple minutes' break here and there to tend the needs of the body. I didn't decide to draw it; I only read the description of its subject while playing the game, and something in the back of my mind said yes, do that, and I got up, and fetched my tablet and pens, and sat back down, and set to work.

For the first five hours, I listened to a saxophone-heavy sexy loop from the game while I drew. At that point I stopped for long enough to move a few screens ahead in the game - whereupon another loop began, this one rich and dark with low frequencies and subtle binaural effects that went right down my back - and I knew I was lost: I knew I would not, could not, stop working on the piece until it was done.

But, then, that's entirely apropos...

(Pigma Micron and Pilot Varsity fountain pens on, oh, a sheet out of some sketchbook I've had for twenty years or more, almost entirely empty. Tuned it up a little in Photoshop, but the only things I added there were the text and the slight yellow cast in the eye - I don't have markers or anything like that, and it didn't occur to me to fetch out my ancient set of Prismacolors. Not sure that would've worked well, anyway...)

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