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Free commission slots now open!

Slot 1: djonskin - DONE
Slot 2: AlternateSharky - Work in progress
Slot 3: open to claim

(See this journal entry for details!)

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Free commissions open! You can get a thing for no money~

So - this is maybe a bad idea? I don't know. More likely it's one of those "why would you even do that" things. I don't know! Perhaps it is worth finding out.

So: I have three commission slots currently open.

And the funny thing is: these commissions are free!

Here's how this works: You DM me or shout me or something, and tell me what you want me to create: name your subject, your medium, and anything else you want the finished work to embody or contain. In particular - you need not feel constrained to the media or subjects you see among the submissions I've already made here, although I'm (obviously!) not against them, either.

There are not that many things which I genuinely object to doing, and in the unlikely case that you ask for one of them, then I will tell you so, and we'll discuss alternatives. Otherwise, I'll ask any clarifying questions I feel are necessary, and then we'll have a deal, and I'll put your username in the first available slot. Then I'll get to work.

Now, here's the drawback, from your perspective: there is no guarantee of quality. I am very not great at a lot of arts! So I'm not going to promise you'll get what you want out of this. It will almost certainly be worth exactly what you paid for it! But I will promise you'll get something, and that what you get will be the very best I can manage.

That's why I'm doing this, I think! Because if I set myself a goal, that's one thing - but if someone else sets me a goal, then I have someone not to want to disappoint! And because I often find that the ideas I receive from others are of greater interest than my own.

So, really, it's a win for both of us! And you've got nothing to lose in it, either. So hey - why not, right?

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    thank you for the fave ^_^

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    Glad you liked The Feast. Thanks for the comment and fave!

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    Hey, welcome to Weasyl! Thank you for the comment and advice; hatching seems good, though I've never really been good at shading. Still, perhaps next time. :3