Aerith and the Ash Plans by Alita Berserker (critique requested)

Aerith and the Ash Plans (critique requested)

Alita Berserker

8 March 2019 at 11:20:45 MST

I've tried to do this picture traditionally with ink, but... It didn't came up well.

I imagined this scene in my mind for years and I was finally able to complete it!
This is a view of the environment of one of my worlds, a  post-apocaliptic Earth destroyed by nuclear radiations of the Fourth Wolrdwide War and by the rage of Nature.
Only some mutants and radiation-resistant humans survived, so Nature created a bunch of creatures with magic released by the Earth nucleus - so she created a lot of new creatures like dragons etc.
Aerith is one of the powerful Primordial Dragons appointed to exterminate the last survivors, but was caught by them and used for their purposes. Bad purposes.

I just wanted to depic this scene and use it as wallpaper. Feel free to use it if you like too ^.^
(Just let me know in the comments :3)

Softwares: Clip Studio Paint 1.8.4
Hardwares: Lenovo Miix 700