Nebaxireeth - Personal D&D OC by Alita Berserker

Nebaxireeth - Personal D&D OC

Alita Berserker

3 March 2019 at 07:58:19 MST

[center]I waited so long to post this character reference I've done in december 2018 because I planned to add a back view (she has an interesting tatoo in there) and other details like a detailed view of her necklace and her magic armor. But meh, I'm terrible with armor design and I need more time and studies to complete it.
In the meanwhile, I'd like to show you this prototype reference of Nebaxireeth, one of my first D&D characters ^.^


Sha was planned to be a character into my second campaign as player, but for some reasons it didn't start, so her semi-completed design and the whole background haven't been used for 4 years...
Until now. I'm playing in a 5° ed. campaign with a marvellous Master and fantastic players, so I decided to bring her back and allow her to shine again (nah I was just lazy and I didn't want to create another character XD).
I feel a deep connection with all of my characters and I simply can't abandon them (considering I have about 100+).
So, let's start with some informations about her!

Her name is Nebaxireeth, but she doesn't know what it means. She just find the blue necklace on her neck when she was "born" and kept it, until she learned the Draconian language and was able to read the etching on it.
As you can see, she's HUGE.
She's a Wyvaran from the 3.5 Pathfinder edition adapted to the 5° ed., so some featured were kept and others have been changed. For example, she's really smart; usually Wyvarans are, like Lizardfolks and Kobolds, really good with manifactures and have a great wisdom, but are quite stupid. Then she became a Magus (or Eldritch Knight if you prefer).
She's 100 years hold, just reached the adulthood for wyvarans. The long live made her appreciate how violence and power over people destroyed her world. Let's say that humans didn't treat her very well and she can't stand them. Oh and they also killed her best friend, just to let you know. So, she's quite angry with the whole human race.
And with dragons too: she thinks dragons have created or influenced her before her birth and that's why she isn't completely like them, but a strange hybrid. Infact, she has a little part of dragon blood on her.
Obviosly she's a carnivorous, but can also eat fruit and vegetable sometimes. This is quite important for her, because when he's on rage she usually eat only human or humanoid flesh and can't consume other kind of meat and food.

She's cold and reserved, sometimes cocky and uses "kind" words to describe other form of life. Plus, she's relatively old and can't be scared easly (but usually scares others with just her appearence).
She's clever and shares her ideas and plans when they involve her; she doesn't talk a lot and sometimes is cryptic.
Internally, she's suffering a lot for what happened about 5 yeras before to her friend, she's lonely and gaining her trust is really hard for her terrible experiences. When she finds something really precious for her, she use her entire power to protect them - usually objects, rarely people-. She reached the Mahara Isles (where the campaign is) to find a way to revive her friend and to find new magic to fight against the dark plague spreading over her lands.

She lived for a long time in the nature and admire its destructive and life power. So, she use and control this powerful energy with magic, in particolar fire and electricity. While using and controlling the first one is quite easy for her, the thunderbolt power is powerful and difficult to contain; she learned the fire magic from the Kobolds she lived with for sometime and feel it more natural for her using it, while electicity is a totally new world she studied with humans when she worked for them with his friend.

Side note: she has a peculiar palette because the "experiment" she was originated by didn't work properly. She's half albino, but the various dragons DNA fused and give her this bright colors located in various part of her body.

Ok I think I said enought ^.^
I hope you'll enjoy!

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