Some of my OC sketches by Alita Berserker

Some of my OC sketches

Alita Berserker

20 February 2019 at 11:03:42 MST

These two weeks have been quite hard for me; I can't find inspiration, will to work and enjoying living (I suppose?), and more other problems.
Meh, much stuff to explain. This is just a moment and will pass soon.

Btw, I just had a little of time to do some traditional headshots of some of my characters!
Unfortunately the scanner didn't detect all glitter parts and these drawings appear to be flat...

I was planning to do such stuff in traditional and, if the buyer can collect it in person, then I will be able to give the original piece too!
FyreDraygg and I decided to don't send any drawing due to the possibility of the piece to be lost, but in this case there isn't any problem at all.

Materials: Canson XL [90g/m²], 2H Staedtler Pencil for sketching, KOH-I-NOOR glitter gel pens.