Considering an old idea - I need your help! by Alita Berserker

Considering an old idea - I need your help!

Alita Berserker

5 February 2019 at 18:52:06 MST

Yeah, I'm literally considering an old idea I had.
And I'd like to hear your opinions about that!
So, if you're interested in helping me please take a moment to read this story :3
I'll really appreciate your effort, opinions and suggestions!


Everything started when I was about 8-10 years old and I created my first long-term dragon character, Eirene.
I was young and everything was technically a larp between me and another girl I'm happy to have forgotten.
But when I was 14 years old I started building the world where these characters lived, their lore and their story.
This was meant to be a novel, but... Meh, I'm not a good writer anymore. I kinda lost the passion. I think it's only a phase and I hope it will pass soon.
Btw I also started drawing a comic! There were just 4 panels with about 20-30 frames each and I didn't know anything about comic.
But now I'm studying it, so this could be the right time to start carrying out this job well.

Just to give a general idea, the story would be a fantasy (and sometimes scifi) genre, placed in a planet called Nivesia, place where dragons and other fantasy creatures live (like phoenixes, unicorns & co etc etc tec. Too many creatures).
The story will have some gore elements (because yes, I like see my characters suffering. Nyehehehe. Nothing extreme of course), I'm not sure about some nsfw sequences (because there weren't any particular relationships in the story. Ok, maybe one, but never explained well. I'm not sure if the nsfw parts would ruin the atmosphere or not). I'm considering some vore scenes too (nothing much explicit and absolutely sfw. It's a fantastic narrative element that could be interesting to introduce.)

For now that's all that came to my mind.
This would be a huge, huge, HUGE project (yes, I like that word) because most of the story must be rewritten... Plus, I was also planning to start another comic project with a friend soon; a different one (he has done the whole scenography, story, lore etc etc etc).

I'm really starting to consider doing this personal project from my childhood, but I'd like to hear what you think about that idea!
- Would you be interested in reading this story?
- Which elements would you like to see? (like kink, fetishes and other stuff. Not just in nsfw scenarios, but generally. For example, I introduced many times the captivity scenario. It's just to get an idea of what could be interesting introduce or not!)

In the picture there's just a bunch of characters I introduced during the larp and are just a small part of all the others!
I wanted to give you a taste of it ^.^


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    Sounds very interesting! I'm similarly attempting to compile a lot of older concepts and random ideas into a single project. It's taken more than two years so far and will probably take another two or three for completion, but I've found the experience very worth while. So for whatever my advice is worth, I say give it a shot!

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      Thank you! Now I'll absolutely give a try :D