InkVoretober day 29 - Double catastrophe by Alita Berserker

InkVoretober day 29 - Double catastrophe

Alita Berserker

18 November 2018 at 14:38:52 MST

Last drawing I've made for the challenges (I'm still planning to complete both of them!)

Here we have Ayleeth and Zytheon (first children from Alita and Fyre) showing their primal instinct.
Zytheon would have never done anything like that, but Ayleeth, along with The Curse, conviced him to release his majestic power!

...and this is how Amkarya has been destroyed. Long short story. (alternate universe incoming!)


Ayleeth & Zytheon - © Alita_Berserker and FyreDraygg on Furaffinity

Software: Clip Studio Paint 1.8.2
Hardware: Lenovo Miix 700