InkVoretober day - Whale and Temptation by Alita Berserker

InkVoretober day - Whale and Temptation

Alita Berserker

6 November 2018 at 16:17:44 MST

The deepest part of my agony: this was the last drawing I've made before giving up (and you can notice from the lack of details)
I also didn't have any particular idea for that... Meh, bad day :<


After falling into the deep, dark and cold water of the northern ocean, Nyrrion looked around himself.
He could hear a song far away. After some long minutes, the song became a strong vibration and, in the weak moonlight, he could see the shape of a giant whale coming towards him with its large mouth open.
Nyrrion had never been inside a whale's stomach and he was wondering what it could be like. Why not use this wondrful chance to find out?



Nyrrion- © ScalyMuzzle


Software: Clip Studio Paint 1.8.2
Hardware: Lenovo Miix 700