InkVoreTober day 9 - Precious and Effort by Alita Berserker (critique requested)

InkVoreTober day 9 - Precious and Effort (critique requested)

Alita Berserker

1 November 2018 at 16:40:34 MDT

Last October days have been an agony for me...
I didn't complete the challenge on time and I've left 6 days... What a pity...
Now I don't have the will to draw and I feel sick thinking about it. It's normal for me, I just hope it will pass soon :<


Last picture for Furret featured with River
He's just protecting his delicious meal from other hungry predators. They should cut River into slices to eat him easly, but Furret can't stand this terrible scene and wants keep safe his beloved friend.



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River - ©

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