InkVoretober day 5 - Chicken and Cafe by Alita Berserker

InkVoretober day 5 - Chicken and Cafe

Alita Berserker

27 October 2018 at 18:45:40 MDT

[center]I'm an idiot, I posted the day6 before the day5 and they were both ready.
I'm getting old >.<

This time it's Aerith's turn! I've never shown her before and I hope I'll find a timeframe to describe her a little more, considering she's part of my "Vore team" of dragonesses ^.^

She's a Primordial Magma Dragon, born from Fire and Earth. She lived in a rough and disaster-struck world without food and other supplies. When she finally had the chance to taste foreign foods while exploring Amkarya, her sense of taste didn't help a lot and she found herself a little confused.
Natura, her mother, advised her to mix some of them, but it turns out they don't match easily.

The little man and the chicken are complaining about that. They don't match up either!

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