InkVoretober Day 1 - Poisonous and Sharp by Alita Berserker (critique requested)

InkVoretober Day 1 - Poisonous and Sharp (critique requested)

Alita Berserker

1 October 2018 at 17:34:37 MDT

Ssssssooo... It's a little late >.<
I wanted to do two drawings each day, one for Voretober and one for Inktober, but then I considereed how much time I had on my hands. So, I thought: why don't I do a single drawing following both of them? And here it is!

These two ladies are Sylia (the larger one) and Eanemon (the smaller one), two characters of mine.
Sylia is a damn badass and can generate and secrete venom and poison from her body, while Eanemon can use her venomous stinger hidden on the tip of her tail. Her most important feature is her poison/venom immunity and her knowledge of these kinds of substances.
So, the joke is about the difference between poison (an ingested toxic substance) and venom (an injected/touched toxic substance).
There's no such difference in the italian language and I noticed it just 5 minutes before starting the drawing, and that's why I finished this piece so late (yeah, I know, I'm a damn hairsplitter).

So, I hope you'll enjoy ^.^'


Materials: A5 Blue Pad smooth paper [170g/m²], Pilot BP-S MATIC FINE for the lineart.

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