1. ADOPTABLE AUCTION - SOLD OUT - Feral Lyndwurm by Alita Berserker (critique requested)

1. ADOPTABLE AUCTION - SOLD OUT - Feral Lyndwurm (critique requested)

Alita Berserker

24 September 2018 at 17:32:54 MDT

(To the auction > http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28796945/)

I finally decided to create a genderless little aquatic lyndwurm!
what do you guys think? :3

The character will be considered sold 36 hours after starting bid or 12 hours after each subsequent bid.
Autobuy is available until a starting bid is placed.

Starting price: 10€
Minimal bid: 5€
Autobuy: 50€


  1. Payment must be made at the end of the auction (PAYPAL ONLY). If you can't make the payment within 48h from the end of the auction, the adoptable will be put back on auction and you will lose the possibility to participate in any future auction.[Flexible payment agreements can be arranged, but need to be specified immediately]

What you can do with the character: change its design.
What you can't do: resell it, delete the signature, use this picture to promote personal initiatives involving economical gain or commercial purpose.
What you MUST do: credit this artwork when using it as profile picture, banner or when sharing.

If any of these three rules is broken, the adoptable character's property and use rights will return to me immediately; you will be subsequently banned from commissioning and participating in auctions and blacklisted from social media; no refund will be given, so play nice or pay the price!

Please confirm to have read the rules before joining!
Attention: placing a bid, you agree with our rules and Terms of Service > http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/alitaberserker/

For any question feel free to note me!