"Open wide!" Page 2 - EIRENE (Original) by Alita Berserker (critique requested)

"Open wide!" Page 2 - EIRENE (Original) (critique requested)

Alita Berserker

11 August 2018 at 08:09:41 MDT

This is the last drawing I've made before my digitizer tablet broke down and it was supposed to be posted sooner than now, but with all trouble I had I didn't find a free moment to upload this.
Now, at :FyreDRayggicon:'s house I can finally do this ^.^
I hope you enjoy this!

She's Eirene and I can consider her as my first sona I've ever had.
I decided to redraw her and finally define her mouth becaouse she's radically different from all my other characters (and no, she isn't a shark >.<)

She's the chosen one from an old prophecy saying she'd save her planet, eclipsed by Dioniso, one of the three moons orbiting around it.
She's a primal and quite primitive dragon compared to all other characters (doesn't have opposable thumbs, she depends a lot on food and energy, doesn't live so long/isn't immortal etc) and she's part of an old novel I was writing, but I've since abandoned about 8 years ago.
She's an elemental dragon (electric to be specific) and belongs to the Klan Elektiko, a large group of rebels who were fighting against the alien shamans who had brought Dioniso closer. There were also 3 other Klans, but this was the largest and the most powerful.
When a member of a clan wants to enter into another one to study and obtain more powers, they leave their actual klan, their symbol changes and they're called "Renegades" (each clan gives you a singular symbol to mark you as a member of this clan.)
I didn't draw this symbol on Eirene in this picture because I still need to change the design a little >.<

Btw, Eirene's egg fell from the sky, kept in the core of an asteroid orbiting the planet, thrown into space 100 years before: in this period, the shamans kept the planet under a strong dictatorship and there were just a few survivors from the Klans, forced to live in the shadows.
One of these was Wizardmon (yes, I was into Digimons when I was a child >.< I absolutely need to find another name! If you have any ideas, feel free to suggest me something in the comments!!!) with his crow companion Barlo; they taught her how to change form and use her powers.

When I talked to :FyreDrayggicon: about her and I showed how the drawing was going (he's my adorable mentor and teacher about mawshots :3) and we were discussing about her mouth anatomy, he exploded and totally loved her :3
Even if she isn't a vore character (for now), se thought she's quite adorable.
Being an earlier character, she's also younger than others and acts like a 12 years old girl :3
But she's still a dragon, of course. Beware of her, she's quite susceptible and she isn't as kind as Alita ^.^'
She could really eat just to kill somenone.

Software: Clip Studio Paint 1.7.8
Hardware: Lenovo Miix 700 (while it was still alive :<)