A lot of sketches and pen drawings by Alita Berserker (critique requested)

A lot of sketches and pen drawings (critique requested)

Alita Berserker

16 May 2018 at 04:10:07 MDT

I have always less time to draw between school, commissions and health diseases; plus, I just started playing Dragon Age Origins, and when I start a game it's hard to rip me away from it >.<
I still drew something in free moments, like at lesson while listening, during events and while Playing D&D (Combat phases are so long...!!); most of them are just little studies, sketches and some pen drawing. Just a way to kill time.

1 - It came from a story of 5 pages I had to draw for school, talking about an environment inspired by Pripyat and Chernobyl Nuclear disaster; our teachers let us free to invent the monster's design, so I created a creature inspired to a canid and a drake to seem like a giant war dog (I can't stand zombies or other anthopomorphic creatures like those all others have made, I wanted to be different). This is the original concept with some of the head views I drew to have a better idea of how it moved in space.

2 - These are some doodles I drew while playing D&D; they represent some of our characters (like URL=https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26732905/ [Meriel] and funny moments (like arguing on rules. Heh, boys are so funny while bickering...)

3 - This is Meriel's companion, an orginal species inspired by Sleipnir and the Kirin; she's a powerful draconic horse with the power of lightning and sound called Fen.

4 - This was an experimental design made for a friend (always during lessons) for a dragon/bird storm spirit inspired by an alternate version of the Pokémon Lugia. Not exactly what he had in mind and feathers were made randomly, but still a recent and decent example of the power of the pen!

5 - A drawing I was working on, but my "adorable" mate https://www.furaffinity.net/user/fyredraygg (grrr) decided to work over it and redraw this scene with his style, making it look decent; I need to admit that I have still so much to learn from him and his immense wisdom and ability...

6 - Last year, the famous artist and character designer Eric Canete came on a meeting organised by our school and talked about his career; in the meanwhile, I drew these little studies of mouth shapes, teeth distribution and some random heads.

7 - Always made during class. I used to draw "mandahla" dragons when I was in high school to relax (it was very hard to convince my teachers I was listening to the lesson while drawing and they needed a lot of proving. But, in the end, I won!)

8 - Made when I was creating a character for a new D&D campaign inspired by Legacy of Kain; I choosed the Razielm species for my character called Lilin, a psychotic, aloof and really hilarious girl. I totally love playing in her shoes.

9 - The latest sketch made during last evening lesson; I tried to focus giving shades and volumes to arm muscles, finding a better way to draw the attachment of wing arms and find a more natural shape for wing hands. Maybe paws are a little bit too long and the walking cycle still needs to be studied better, but that's a good start.

Paper: print paper/Canson 1557 for sketches
Pencils: 2/3H Staedtler, HB Stabilo, Hb Staedtler
Pen: Pilot

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