Do you like What You See?~ by Alias

Do you like What You See?~


16 December 2013 at 22:02:02 MST

...Well get to work Son ;)

My Water Buffalo character, Im sure some of you remember ;)

Had trouble for the longest time choosing a name for him...

Im starting to lean towards - Jebediah -

But Im still thinking, and considering the other names. Still not 100%...ILL NEVER CHOOSE A NAME!!....

What... Papa Bear!

No Random Free Art quiz this time, gotta clean the other stuff I owe, both waiting on art, and still searching for good, yet affordable, and Style-Likable Artists fr your prizes.

VERY sorry its taking longer then it should have....intended artists for the original 5 winners went dark a week after the free art and not im having a hard time finding other people.

This lovly and sexy beast was drawn and painted by the ever awesome, Hoof-King.   rov

(Self-inspired title. Cause most of his art, especally the good ones are hoofers :-P ~<3)

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