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"we need to end this..." by ali

"we need to end this..."


30 September 2015 at 13:56:11 MDT

"before we can no longer hold ourselves back."

i've just been listening to sad songs all DAY BC I WANT TO TORTURE MYSELF W/ AOKURO FEELS AFTER BINGEWATCHING KNB LDFGKDSFGHH i finished it yday and wow. WOW. drown me in sad doujinshis and playlists please. but i kinda ran out of content to hurt my feelings with

and then for some reason i thought of skyler and micah and how troubled they are and i was like I WANNA DRAW!! something feelsy.... w/ our ocs...

so here's a quick doodle bc my motor skills are beginning to fail me.. as for the context its probs in relation to them denying their feels for each other bc theyre not supposed to have feelings for each other >:0 but they do anyways

skyler is probs crying bc the denial is slowly getting to him and hes probs like wanting to cut their relationship off... i can see him like trying to convince himself he's not falling for him BUT HE IS OHOHOHOOOOOO meanwhile micahs like pout face "whatever i dont even CARE" THO HE KNOWS SKYLER IS CRYING BC HE IS LIKELY TREMBLING AND SOFTLY SOBBING AS MUCH AS HE'S TRYING TO HIDE IT and he cares a lot i assure u :')

micah is pru's on the left and skyler is my sad sweet child on the right

i want to draw more sad things but idk what

crushes myself into the floor i just want to get REAL SAD.

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    your drawings are so wonderful I wish I could draw like that, and I want you to know this is my favorite so far. I often feel like Skylar, so I find this piece particularly relevant. please keep up the amazing job and thank you for sharing your talent with us your fan Atheries