Kodi by Alex Randomkat (critique requested)

Kodi (critique requested)

Alex Randomkat

10 September 2017 at 15:15:48 MDT

Photoshop corrupted my save while I was working on this, so I had to restart after I had almost finished.
It was an art trade, so I kind of had to get it done again... I had kept the other guy waiting for an entire month. Not good.

Anyway, I decided to make another speedpaint, this time with a better choice of music:
(Me while painting: "I can assure you that this mess of blobs will somehow turn into fur... Just trust me on this one...")

Also, can I just mention that the chest fluff and wings were an absolute timesucker? This thing took a bit over six hours, and literally about half the time I spent just shading in the wings and chest, although I am pretty happy with the result. This was my first time actually making feathers, and I found it was actually really similar to fur. Speaking of making fur, I think I've pretty much gotten as good as I'm going to get with the method of using a smear brush. Because of that, I think I should really start focusing on a lot of other things, such as posing and expressions (both of which I really suck at).

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