But First...Let Us Take A Selfie! (3DS art) by Alex_Dachshund

But First...Let Us Take A Selfie! (3DS art)


19 August 2015 at 18:11:37 MDT

Idk why I've never posted this, I've worked on it for months.
But yeah have this!

Done with "Colors! 3D" on my Nintendo 3DS XL.
I definitely reccommend it if you like arting on the go~
This picture is NOT in 3D though. I like just drawing in 2D better~

And, CRAP, just realized I forgot to taper the lines with the eraser like I always do.
Still looks good though.
Had to adjust the saturation in Photoshop since the original was a bit dull.

You can watch the playback here:

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    How do you 3ds art. Ugh. I can't do it!! xD
    This is so cute though. >w<

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      Thank you!

      Well, I actually have a lot of trouble with drawing on portal devices.

      This however is a lot easier due to a number of reasons. First I have a 3DS XL which has larger screens. And THANKFULLY this software has layers, undo/redo, zoom in/out, being able to flip the canvas (theres no rotate but you can get around that by physically turning the 3DS around haha), and a lot of other things which make it a whole loooooot easier.

      It also takes practice since my first drawings with that program came out pretty bad. But it's REALLY FUN if you want a portable thing to draw on for say, stuff like long car trips or being away from home. I reccommend it a lot. :)

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    I have colors 3D. It's not the easiest for me to draw on but it sure is fun. This came out awesome to.