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My name is Alex, in case you haven't noticed I am a fan of hypnosisizing, boobielovin, and bellydancerageousing. Below are my favs of hypnosis on Furaffintiy, and until all the artists and writers go to Weasyl I'll keep em like that, for now, here to have fun and watch this website grow :)

My top 5 favorite hypnosis Stories/Authors:

#1 AnubusKiren for his stories The World of Sekhem, My Lord, My slave, Hypno School, For the Whole Family, and The Most Relaxing Trip - AnubusKiren (aka Ildac) has always been my absolute favorite writer on FurAffinity or any other site. His diction is excellent with descriptions that paint extremely vivid wonderful scenes in the mind, this is just one way that he differs from an average writer. The way he is able to combine dialogue with narrative comment and thought is imaginative, unique, and definitely worth anyone's time to read. As for the genres he works in, heh, I don't mind saying that most of his work is hypnosis oriented and mostly adult settings. But with every story he still manages to bring a new aspect of great fantasy and awesome story telling.

#2 Room 429 by FLW - FLW is easily one of the great yet unsung hypnosis story writers on FurAffinity. Though hard to decide, my favorite so far of his stories is room 429. I can tell you it is well written, the story is descriptive and full of alluring hypnosis break-in scenes, this meaning scenes where people are taken captive, entranced, then brainwashed into submission. It was and is a wonderful read and has made my #2 of top absolute favorites.

#3 Ticklefox by Tannim (Art by Majorra) - Honestly, I never was enticed much by sissy bois or sissyfication, but this story and image are just to great to not love. It began my love for fembois. In this story Nuri tempts and teases Ildac's eyes open with tickling and sweet words of delight, so thatin the end she may make him her personal play thing, her helpless slave and toy. Classic hypnosis plot, great way of writing it out.

#4 A Different Kind of Session by Lmann - This story for a long time has been a favorite of mine though it took me a while to realize it. I love hypnosis screens and brainwashing into a life of servitude. And obviously I regard this one very highly or else it would not be here. Lmann is a fantastic story writer and any one of his stories is worth reading, but I point this one out simply because it's one I personally enjoy. Colors, music, touch, helmets, that's what this hypnosis story entails, thus making it my personal favorite of Lmann's gallery.

#5 One night on the internet by Majorra - This was the first ever hypno story I've read here on FA. It holds great interest as something that sounds so probable, no giant flying gryphon that takes over the minds of the elves, no giant serpent sneaking into your bedroom at night, just a gal experimenting on her boyfriend with subliminal messages and imagery, something which could actually happen in real life. Majorra herself is becoming a great writer, as Anubuskiren is becoming a good artist. Her style is already very professional and has a fantastic way of portraying imagery.

My top 5 Favorite Hypnosis Art/Artist:

#1 Majorra for her pieces Sinfully Delicious, Good Evening, Officer, Stripes n Swirls, Sauna and Ticklefox - There is no question in my mind that Majorra is the best hypnosis artist on furaffinity and I am very glad she is in the fandom. Her style is ever improving, her coloring and lineart are so flawless along with her anatomy. But if I had to say what impressed me the most about her works I'd say the detail. In her full pictures, just look, you will see small items in the background and littler items on clothing. And even if you don't notice them at first they still play an important part in the overall picture. If you have no watched her, looked through her gallery, or even heard of her, go do so now.

#2 Tangle of Bodies by Syrinoth - Okay, Syrinoth is a new artist to me, I always thought this peice was done by Zsisiron. But, after looking through Syrinoth's gallery, I have immediately become a fan, his style is professional, sensual, and just over all some pretty sexy art. This is such a wonderful piece and expressions are amazing! Plus, I love Lamias, hypnosis, and just look at that dragon's face! You can't tell me this is not worth faving for that fact alone.

#3 Twinkle-sez for his pieces Coiled, Dragons Lair and A Touch of Vampire - Twinkle-Sez, I underestimated him greatly. I did not know of his works except through Zsisiron's gallery. Most of his pieces are un-tagged so hard to find. But in the end, after a good look, he is doubtless on of the best. His style is more fantasy oriented, with lighting and coloring that one might expect to see in a dream. I am thoroughly impressed and now huge fan.

#4 Old Man Gunda namely for his piece Majorra's Muses but also for Meeting of the mind-takers, Majorra at the Fair 1/2, You will SUBMIT to Majorra - Looking at all of his hypnosis art, I realize it is nearly all Majorra related...but this is not a bad thing at all, as he is an amazing TRADITIONAL artist and draws her out so alluringly well. I wish to be able to draw like him, being a traditional artist myself. The way he draws furries is so different from the smooth digital types, and even some traditional types. It's fun, yet, very pleasurable with his anatomy choices. This makes Gunda yet another artist added to my list of favorites.

#5 More Hypnosis - by RickGriffin - Now Rick Griffin is a clean artist, never drawing anything adult. Kind of disappointed sure, but also kind of respect him for it. Now as for this piece, the two characters are very attractive, the expressions are perfect and the Roo helplessly enamored with the bauble, true classic hypnotic art. And there is nothing bad to be said for his style, anatomy, and overall skill. Rick Griffin I have no problem saying is one of the best artists on FA,



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