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Kiss - YCH [OPEN] by AlexaMORO

Kiss - YCH [OPEN]


21 March 2017 at 07:48:34 MDT

Just look at them, too cute ^^

  • The characters can belong to any species.
  • You will get picture with clean lines, full-colored and shaded.

SB: 17 USD
AB: 65 USD

  • Do not bid, if you can't pay (I will wait for the payment no longer than 24 hours, if you don't pay in time YCH goes to the previous person so stay tuned even if you didn't win)
  • I'll start a comment chain below
  • Bid ONLY in reply on the current highest bid.

  • Ends 3 days after the last bid!
    Bid here or in comments to this feature.