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Kids gonna give daddy an energy boost... by AlexaMORO (critique requested)

Kids gonna give daddy an energy boost... (critique requested)


10 October 2016 at 02:05:58 MDT

...or 1 second before a disaster xD

Commission for @Keizerharm with a very special meaning! This one was really fun to draw) Thanks to the customer, all details of what must be draw were really clear.
Hope @AMCalmaron will like it!

Commissioned by Keizerharm
Characters belong to AMCalmaron
Art belongs to me


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    Very cute! Reminds me of a client a friend had when they ran a computer shop; guy brought a computer that was running "slow" (and now no longer working) in. Apparently under the pretense of the "duct tape makes it stop, WD-40 makes it go" the owner's 4 year old son had flooded the laptop with WD-40 lol

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      Thank you!))
      Haha))) That's funny :D