Sketch dump #1 by AlexaMORO (critique requested)

Sketch dump #1 (critique requested)


6 October 2016 at 05:01:17 MDT

It's huuuge!
I have to mention every OC drawn here, so here we go:
1. 'Draconisation' of WoW Night Elf (c) @ISIDORdragon (DA)
2. Tau (c) @draktau (DA)
3. Yarubi (c) @Libertades (DA)
4. Jarel (c) @TaimaTala + Arakal? xD (c) me
5. Anktra Koro species (c) me
6. -Uknown- (c) @Caprore (DA)
7. Lottery prize (RUS)
8. Full version here
9. Full version here
10. Sil (Silestra di Varun Saran) + Hester (Captain Hester Cavi) (c) me
11. Full version here
12. Karl (c) @Caprore (DA)
13. Alexa + Winter Demon (c) me
14. Random dragon
15. Arakal (c) me
16. Zakuro(c) @Caprore (DA)

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