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Big Businesses and a Small Deal by AlefGP

Big Businesses and a Small Deal


Commissioned by B424

[ Description by B424 ]

Benock wasn't sure how it had happened, but he found himself looking up at two foxes who he cared a great deal for... but who should never have been able to meet? And how was he recognizing them both at the same time when, as far as he was aware, he shouldn't have been able to? Was Anastasia exceptionally large right now and did that mean somehow he was too even standing on Anastasia's hand as he was? Had Olivaria actually decided to shrink herself down to match Anastasia's normal size? Is it all just a part of this cross-universe meeting that "normal" doesn't apply?
At least they were clearly having a happy chat and enjoying each others company. And in spite of his confusion, Benock could not deny that the experience of being between them and the sight of them looming over him together were amazing.
Sights that only grew more breathtaking as a cool breeze flowed across Benock from Anastasia's direction accompanied by a familiar herbal scent... Benock found the hand he stood on growing larger and the great foxes' heads looming steadily higher. A light tilting of Anastasia's hand lead Benock to walking and sliding down to one of her fingerpads which rapidly became as large to him as her entire hand had been mere moments before.
Benock did not know how Anastasia and Olivaria were meeting like this, but he decided it would be best to just enjoy it like they were. Which from their smiles and the hints of mischief glimmering in their eyes... it was easy to see that they were indeed enjoying their little chat and little 'Roc.

Olivaria and Benock © B424
Anastasia © JSK244

Artwork © AlefGP AlefGP

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