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Park Gathering by AlefGP

Park Gathering


A long walk in the park to clear your mind, even as the sun sets and the city lights up. The beautiful wonders of nature softly illuminated by lanterns and small pathway globes. Even as the weather changes you still see the colors of life all around you, and it soothes your mind after a long day of work.
But as you enter the center of the park, a shadow falls over much of the area ahead of you. The park lights didn't reach this little sanctum, or so it seemed, until you reach the fountain square and find you're not as alone as you thought! A secret meeting of the divine, whispered words and soft chuckles dying off as their eyes turn their glowing focus down the pathway in your direction. Yet instead of affronted at the intrusion, they're more amused as you stammer and think of retreating.

"Will you join us, little one?" Kami softly offers, patting one knee in offering.

"Yeah, come on and join us! We need a third to change the odds anyway." Hyva grins wide, leaning back and beckoning you with her beautiful form. "Debates are no fun without someone to break the tie."

It would seem your walk lead to a gathering of the divine, and they fancied some nice company!

Kami and Hyva © AlefGP AlefGP

Artwork © AlefGP AlefGP

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