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Revolution by Alector



Our world is one

for us all

until the sky breaks

and the stars fall

We live within

a wonderland

of cog and steel

of grass and sand

Fria, our home land.

But times will change

darkness comes

shadows rise

we must build...

we must build.

Join the revolution to save this beautiful land...

An idea that came out of pure inspiration and turned into a bigger project.

I had the great honour to have Lingrimm do all the characters and airships illustrate into the background I came up with when I read a part of their fascinating story and heard the music piece by Fox%20Amoore come together piece by piece.

~ Totally check out the soundtrack to "Revolution"!:

~ And totally check out Lingrimm's page where you will find yourself in a different world!

Until the sky breaks, and the stars fall, we will face revolution. - Fox Amoore, AlectorFencer, Lingrimm.

Thank you very much for looking <3

Who discovers all the characters gets a cookie. ;) I want to see numbers!

Characters: Lingrimm


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    I really love the mixture of architectural styles here. Very good work overall, too!

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      Thank you very much ^-^

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    This is definitely one of your best pieces. The amount of detail is just incredible, but not only that it's done with such a great style. It was amazing to do this for you. <3

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      It was a great honour to create this piece along with your composing again. You truly outdid yourself there as well. Thank you <3

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    I counted 13 characters. But some are shadows shaped like humanoids forms, so maybe it's only 11...

    Or I missed some and it's >13.

    Oh, what the hell, I tried :P

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    This is stunning! The amount of stuff going on in this piece is almost overwhelming, but in a good way. And the blend of styles works so well! I shall have to go listen to Fox's composition.