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Myre by Alector



This is a story of an old legend that has been carried to our eldest until we were asked to carry it further.

Once, the land of Yrian was vast and green. Life spread all over the ground; living was easy because of what nature offered to us and so we took but never gave back.

Without any regret.

One day, the ground dried and split open. Mountains pushed away the trees and there was no space for the greens anymore but that was so long ago that even this part of the legend is vanishing into the sparse ground of this land, threatening to disappear forever.


Today, dust and silence remains.

Who will carry on seeking for what we almost forgot?

Who will begin a journey that could change the life of all?



Reviving "Through the Lands" as the very first collaboration with Fox%20Amoore <3

This is one of my dreams that have come true! One of the dreams I have *ever* dreamed of. And it will always remain one of the very best I had. :)

~ Please listen to the soundtrack of "Myre" here:

~ KEFilms created a video featuring the soundtrack and the original artwork of "Myre" here -->

Hello all on Weasyl, too! *waves*

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    Such good memories... I still love looking at this x)

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    I love this piece, have bought you a print and it's just in front of my computer ^^

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    Even though I now have a print of this, I keep coming back to look at it on screen. It's still one of my favorites from you. <3