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Rain by Alector



19 February 2013 at 14:42:51 MST

The sky brings ghostly black

A river of soul washes me pure

releasing the bonds as my body shivers

I am free

  • Fox Amoore

This picture is accompanied by another wonderful composition by Fox%20Amoore. You can listen to it HERE

Rain is like a key to a chest that holds all treasures of life. We sometimes don't know what it contains but when we look closer it reveals even the tiniest of details.

This is vent art to break through a major art block that followed me at the time I created this. This image gave me another chance to reveal the personality of Myre a little more and to develop the character to the stage of being able to use the design for the comic.

By time, she has developed even further.

Thanks a lot for looking. ^^


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    This still remains one of my favourite Myre moments ^^ It was so awesome to compose to this scene.

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      Mine too. It's a rare moment which should last for a long time. Thank you <3

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    Wow looks so great~

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      Thank you so much <3

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        Bitte, bitte :D

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    This is beautiful. I love how you drew the rain, and I like that the little sprout contrasts with the gloomy feel of the picture. Well done!

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      Thanks so much! I love making contrasts :D