KeVy Ready for Construction Work by Aldin

KeVy Ready for Construction Work


9 March 2014 at 14:39:40 MDT

My local Boy Scout District's theme for spring camporee is "Service to Camp". Those organizing it wanted our mascot, KeVy, in a hard hat and safety vest. About 3 hours or so in an antique copy of Paint (not paine) Shop Pro for Windows 3.1 and a less than steady hand doing a lot of editing.

This will get crammed down into the center of a 3 inch (4.5cm) embroidered patch for the scout event.

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    an antique copy of Paine Shop Pro for Windows 3.1

    Oh man, seriously? Was this under emulation/a virtual machine, or do you actually still have a machine that runs Win3.1 natively? :o

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      Grrrr...forgot to click reply to your comment when I replied.

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    It is an ORIGINAL shareware copy of Paint Shop Pro 3.11 for Win3.1 that I have been "naughty" squirrel as I have never deleted it after the initial 30 day trail period expired way back in '94 (Digital Workshops version). I've kept it running from PC to PC ever since. How? I have not only transferred the original program, but any .dll files from Win3.1 that it needs to run. :) So, if it didn't reset the day count after each transfer, the nag screen would read: "You're on day 7,000 of your 30 day trial..." Instead, it only reads about 635 days. (chuckle) I'm sure it's 'cause of people like me that newer shareware automatically locks down after the trial period. :)

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      Ah, I suppose it is possible to run it under newer versions of Windows…forgot about NTVDM. :P

      …and yeah, most newer trial-oriented/"shareware" software tends to be either crippleware until you buy it (many useful and/or "advanced" features disabled), or they provide all available features, but actively prevent execution after a set period (digital restric^Wrights management :T).

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        Well, this copy is a "crippleware" copy. But what's crippled I've never really needed. :) Basically I've kept it running as it's my interface for the scanner, an old Canon model, that probably isn't compatible with Win7.