Justice pt 3 by Aldin

Justice pt 3


12 September 2017 at 17:52:21 MDT


Aldin’s two hosts went for an evening walk to provide him with privacy. The entertainment flat panel indicated the call was going through. The pine marten appeared on screen. She looked about with her whiskers twitching slightly. She then looked directly at the screen.

“Hello? Your video feed is off.”

Aldin tapped an icon on his hand held flat panel turning on the camera feed on the larger screen which he had failed to turn on before.

“My apologies. This is Ambassador Aldin Busheytail returning your call…”

“Is the connection secure at your end?”

“Yes, of course, Mizz…”


“Mizz Fill-is.” Aldin nodded his head. “Based on where the panel identified your call is from, I am going to assume you are related to On-ray, former representative for your district?”

Phyllis stiffened briefly. “Enhray is my husband.”

“I see.” Aldin said slowly as he drooped his tail. “When he leapt at me, I was not looking at what was behind me. I was simply demonstrating I am more than just a defenseless wild cousin.”

“‘Talking meal’ as he called you.” Phyllis responded with a little ire in her voice. “He can be stupid and an embarrassment sometimes, like at that moment, but I still love him.”

Aldin lowered his eyes a moment. “Yes,” he looked up again. “I hope he has recovered from his injuries. I wish no ill will against him, Mizz Fill-is.”

Phyllis’ body posture loosened a bit. “I was hoping that was the case, Em-bass-ah-der, for I need your help. Or I should say, my husband does whether he’ll admit to it or not.”

A klick later after the call ended, Aldin drooped his tail. He made some follow-up calls to rearrange his schedule with the college and booked a flitter flight to Forestdale.

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