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You're So Sad! <3 by Alcho

You're So Sad! <3


7 February 2019 at 19:44:34 MST

So, there's a guy on here that's all butthurt because he thinks my character looks like his - when it isn't even remotely close lol! So, instead of realizing this and moving on, he accuses me of copying - and then tells me that his character is a copy of a copyrighted character LOL!!!! So - yeah, dude... you just admitted copyright infringement... I'm so happy none of my characters have anything to do with yours. It gets better! LOL xD! He then goes to all of my art sites, clearly because he's butthurt about admitting copyright infringement - or he's just a little kid who doesn't know how to take "you're wrong" without taking it personally - and slanders all of my pages - promptly getting reported and blocked on all of them. This is a few weeks ago now - I thought it was all over. Yesterday I finished a sketch I did a long time ago and posted it - and this time he goes to my STEAM account and slanders my page there LOL!!!! He's such a sad excuse of life. How low can you go?????? The best thing is, he thinks I care - or even better - that people will actually believe that I'm a "nasty hurtful person who harasses people" - pfft. Everyone that knows me on here, as well as every art site knows that I'm probably one of the most friendly people you'll ever meet - until you go accusing me of things I didn't do - duh... of course I'm going to defend myself and my work - goofus. So that got me thinking today when I saw that silly slander on my Steam page - "Omg this guy has no life! That's hilarious!" Here, I forgot all about this whole incident, because it has no merit, but this guy refuses to let it die! I think it's the funniest thing in the world - and apparently so do Crazy and Bane!

Come on guys / gals - be civil and grow up please. Some of us actually take our art and commissions seriously - we don't have time to deal with your nonsense. This was a fun piece to do though - so something good came out of it!

Art by alcho
Crazy and Bane both belong to alcho