Warm Bed and... Cold Feet! by Alcho

Warm Bed and... Cold Feet!


19 March 2018 at 17:41:23 MDT

Ah, the warmth of the night, the snugly blanket, the warm bed, a loving partner next to you... the perfect night. That is, until your loving partner decides that the best place to warm their FREEZING COLD FEET is ON YOUR BACK!

Art by alcho

Sledge and Kira belong to alcho


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    XD You seem shook about this, has this happened to you? lol

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      Omg yes it has! It's horrrrrrrrrible xD Cold feet on the small of your back when you're asleep in a nice warm bed is such a horrible experience! D:<

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        Oh you poor soul.. wraps a warm blanket around Alcho there you go ^~^

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          lol xD As long as there are no cold feet in there!