QUIET!!! by Alcho



19 September 2017 at 20:56:52 MDT

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As the day drug on, the asylum became silent, except for the occasional chuckle or scream from one of it's patients. It's newest member though, had caught the attention of one of the guards patrolling the hallway of cells; becoming his new target to torment.
"You want to get some fresh air? Yeah? Well too bad. You're stuck here forever buddy. I don't know why they bother keeping scum like you alive. You're not worth my time nor the money. After your little "games" you played with those two souls you KILLED, you do deserve to rot in here."
"Quiet! Stop! Noisy! Noisy bad! Never meant to hurt! Noisy guests... gone... over..." cried the creature, huddled in the corner in his dirty straight jacket. As he continued to plead his case the guard smirked and walked away, content with his upsetting of the patient. For days he made a point to continually harass the bound soul, eventually seeing that he was causing the patient's mood to change from a remorseful mourning to a much darker and sinister.
As he drove his words deeper into the creature's mind, he grinned at the power he had over him, "Who do you think you are, hurting others? GOD?! You're NOTHING! Powerless! You remember that! I have the power here, NOT you!"
"Stop, please. I do nothing bad, no.... I not powerless, you LIE! Stop it. You mean! You hurt! You... noisy..."
"Oh, it thinks it can talk back against me?! HA! You're a joke. Stop your babbling! I don't want to hear another word from you today, you GOT that?!" The guard walked off down the hallway, banging his baton against every door as he went - causing a massive metallic clanging, causing the patients within to scream and jump.
"No.... you will not make noise. You will not hurt! You will be quiet..." the creature murmured to himself, as he continued picking at the straps on the bindings containing his body. He eventually picked his straps on his arms free enough to have full motion in them once more. He began working on the burlap sacks tied tight to his massive hands, eventually slipping the ties free, but allowing the bags to lay on his hands, keeping the illusion of restrain. It wasn't long after he heard a metallic bang followed by a terrified scream of another in the distance. It was the guard's return night run. "Yes... come loud one....hurtful one.... come.... " The banging drew closer, until it was upon the creature's door. "Aren't you going to hit my door, LOUD one?" he called to the guard.
"I thought I said I didn't want to hear another word from you today? Is that not what I said?"
"Powerless loud one, you are funny. You think you control ME!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I LAUGH at you!"
"Powerless? Really? We'll see about that, wack job. You asked for it." The guard unlocked the door, and opened it, walking into the cushioned room with his baton smacking his paw. "You're not going to enjoy this."
"Oh, on the contrary... I will enjoy this. You will not, loud one. You will not. You WILL be quiet though!"
As the guard raised his arm and baton to begin his punishment, the creature threw his body forward, breaking off the loose restraints and burlap sacks, allowing his giant hands to grab the guard's arm mid-swing! "No! How!?", cried the guard, horrified at the sight of his prisoner now released. He cried out in pain as he was lifted off of the ground by his arm as the creature stood tall, revealing how large he was when not contained.
"Now...quiet. No more hurt for you. Game Over." He gave a large, snarly smile, revealing his yellowed, rancid teeth. "Now I stop you for good. No more noise from you!" He lifted the guard higher yet, and opened his massive jaws wide, exposing all of his razor sharp, giant teeth.
The creature let out a chuckle that let out a burst of hot air into the guard's face, "What are you doing.... NO! Oh GOD NO!", he screamed as his head was laid against the creature's long, slime covered tongue.
The screams stopped suddenly as the jaws slammed shut, beheading the guard effortlessly. "Quiet", murmured the creature as he rolled the head off of his tongue, dropping it in his hand as he dropped the body on the cushioned floor. "You have made a mess...you're all dirty.... you must be cleaned......"

Crazy Character belongs to alcho
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