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Brisk : The Story of the Happy Go Lucky Canine! by Alcho

Brisk : The Story of the Happy Go Lucky Canine!

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with my fursona, Brisk. He's a happy-go-lucky go-gettem kind of pup, and he loves making other people feel loved, as well as cheering them up if they're down. Until now, his past has been a mystery, and the reasoning as to why he's so out there to spread joy and happiness has been blurry at best. I'm here, telling you this story to set the record straight, and to clarify the drives behind his enthusiasm.

Our story begins as most stories do, one day a happy couple of canines decided that they've had their fun with life, and began to settle down and make a family. Over the years they had seven children, but the one we will be focusing on was the third born - Brisk. His two older brothers were both grey with black markings over their body, much like their father, and Brisk's younger brothers and sisters shared most of this as well. It ended up that all of the seven children resembled both of their parents quite well, mostly grey with darker markings along their bodies. Their sizable family lived a modest lifestyle, attending public schools, and never having much extra money to indulge in life's finer things. His parent's had raised them to be independent individuals, but one by one, as their children had entered their final years of high school they began giving in more and more to the lessons being taught - "Fit in", "Don't be different", "Conform with society", "Don't act astray", "Society is stronger as a pack, don't abandon the pack". Brisk saw this in his two older brothers, and couldn't believe what he was seeing!

"Why would they give up their uniqueness?!", he asked himself. "How do they see themselves so worthless as to allow others to change them?!"

One day at school, Brisk was walking into the locker room after his gym class had ended, and while looking in the mirror he saw a single electric-blue hair springing out of his snout. He was unsure about this, so he made his way to the school nurse to see what it was - who knew, maybe it was contagious, or a disease that would end up harming him! He sat there in the waiting room while the nurse saw other patients, and eventually it became his turn to enter. He jumped onto the table and waited for the nurse to enter the room. Eventually she opened the door and asked, "You don't seem very sick, are you seriously going to waste my time to try and cut class?".
"No, no, not at all, I have a legitimate concern about my health", he responded - shocked at her attitude towards him.
"If you say so, alright. What is it?", she asked sarcastically; rolling her eyes as she grabbed her clipboard from the side desk.
"Well, you see. There's this thing on my nose, and I'm not sure what it is... could you please look at it and tell me?"
"You mean this blue hair?"
"Yup. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I just don't know what it is or where it came from..."
"Well. You're grey, that's blue. It's clearly not supposed to be there, just pull it out so it won't come back, and you should be set! It isn't anything to be concerned about, just make sure you do it so you can be the same as everyone else again, after all - who wants to be the odd man out in such a wonderful society as ours?!", she exclaimed with a sense of misplaced pride.
"Oh, ok, well thanks for your help, I'll be headed back to class then.", and with that Brisk was off.

When Brisk returned home that night, he walked into the bathroom and grabbed a pair of tweezers, stuck his snout up to the mirror and gazed at the single blue hair sticking proudly out of his snout. He stared at it and a sense of almost excitement came over him, something about this hair made him unique! Never did he want to conform to the "wonderful society" that everyone was a part of, but he never knew how until now - This was his own personal little way of standing out! He knew that he couldn't let others see this though, for they would either make fun of him, or get him in trouble for "rebelling" against the normal. Searching desperately for some solution to keep his newfound hope, he went through his mother's make-up and found a grey liner, then carefully painted over his little hair.
"TA DA!", he exclaimed as he saw the blue disappear! He knew it was still there, but nobody else had to know! A few days went by, and the weekend came along, bringing with it chores as well as time to go have fun with friends. After his two days of fun, he decided to go back home, wash off all of the dirt from the weekend and uncover his little hair so he could see it's wonderfulness once more!

He returned home, washed off, and took a looks in the mirror, then jumped back, shocked at what he saw. Under all of the mud over half of his snout was electric blue! The little hair had seemingly spread over the weekend! After he caught his breath from the scare, he cocked his head to the side and saw there was a white coming through, and MAYBE even a strand of two of yellow on his ears!! His expression turned from awestruck to tremendously happy instantly! He had always wished he could have just a little something that he could call his own. Something that nobody else had that made him unique to the world, and here it was! He then remembered what the nurse had said, and panicked then grabbed the make-up and began covering it all up, to fit in again (after all, he had school in the morning).

Days went by, weeks went bye, school ended for the last time, he graduated and went out and got himself a job. His predicament had spread significantly over his entire body by now, but he had never faltered in keeping up with the covering of it, so no one was the wiser. He was walking home from his job one day, he had left early to go to a large family reunion later in the day, when out of nowhere the lovely, blue sky began raining. He thought nothing of it, after all it was hot out, and it would be nice to cool off a little.

As he continued home, he kept getting odd looks, and gasps from folks he'd pass. A few even took pictures of him as he walked by, and he was unsure as to why... He did nothing to attract their attention, he hadn't even said a word on the entire 3 mile walk so far... Then he realized what had happened. The rain had washed off his make-up, and his secret was out! He looked at himself in a puddle on the road and saw his neon blue face had become exposed all the way, and as he looked at his paws their make-up had also washed away, revealing the yellow under. There was no going back now, the word was out, and there were witnesses and pictures to prove it. His pace quickened as he raced home, hoping to beat his guests, and to be able to cover up again, attempting to hide his bright fur underneath. Quickly he ran up his front steps, opened the door and shut it quickly behind him, looking down and panting from the exertion he had just put forth to get home so fast. He caught his breath, then looked up to see his entire close and extended family staring at him with their heads cocked one way or the other, and ears perked up in confusion. The room was silent and still. Brisk slowly looked around and looked all of his relatives up and down, none of them seemed upset or angry, just confused.

His father came up from the crowd and asked, "Would you like a towel? You're kinda soaking wet and dripping all over the floor...".

Brisk knew not what to say, it's like they all didn't notice that he was grey and black when he left the house that morning, and neon blue and yellow when he came back! His father came and handed him a towel in which he took and dried himself as much as he could, then looked around at the still silent crowd and softly said, "Well, hi everyone. Good to see you all again". The crowd didn't move for a second, then as if nothing had happened began talking, laughing, and bickering amongst themselves as they usually do at such a gathering. A few of his family members came up to him throughout the party, complimenting his new look, or asking how and what happened to him. He was amazed, nobody was segregating him like everyone talked about! He realized that these were the people that loved him, and they loved him unconditionally, no matter what color pallet his fur may take. He thought about that for a second and got an amazing idea lodged in his mind - "What if I could make the world see me like all of these people do?! What if I could introduce individuality and happiness in the same aspect to the community, and prove that it's nothing to be ashamed of?!" He smiled at this thought process, and promised himself that there was nothing that would get in his way from him achieving this newfound goal!!

Brisk went to work the next day, proudly wearing his bright ensemble of colors, and getting all sorts of reactions, both positive and negative. He allowed people to take pictures with him, ask questions about why he was the way he was, and how he was able to live in this bland community while being so bright? Not letting the negative comments and insults get to him, he went out and found people who were sitting on benches with their heads lowered, staring at the ground wishing for something in their lives to change and he gave them a hug and smiled at them! Before he'd leave each one, he'd throw a compliment their way, and tell them to keep on trucking, that they were worth it and they could do anything as long as they believed in themselves!

That day he changed the lives of many.

Since then Brisk has continued his mission, to cheer up the ones who've fallen into a rut in their lives, and to help others see themselves for how much they're really worth, no matter what color / size / species they were! He's known by many to be the light in the darkness, especially to those of whom he's helped out of a dire straight or difficult emotional situation. He has completed his goal for many, as well as himself, and had found himself a mate who he spent years and years with. He was about to pop the question and ask his wonderful girl to marry him so they could start their own colorful family together when disaster struck. His girl out of nowhere left him for another canine and later told him that she'd been messing around with him for months. This broke the spirit and very being of Brisk, but instead of letting it completely consume him, he attempted to move on, continuing his love and happiness spreading ways to any and all who would accept it. He never did go back and help himself, nor seek help for months until he broke down, and sat under a tree in a public park and just began crying.

Nobody seemed to see him in this state, it was almost like his colors were invisible to everyone, like they were covered up with the make-up again. All sorts of folk passed him, glanced at him, then kept walking, never stopping to see if they could help, or to see if he was even alright. That is, until one stopped, then softly asked, "Are you alright sir?".

Brisk looked up, with his watery eyes, red from rubbing the tears out and saw short orange legs standing in front of him. He looked a little further behind and saw a flower seemingly moving in mid air, and to the right of that a grey and blue fluffy tail. As he looked up he noticed there wasn't one, but three entities standing before him. As he tried to identify who was standing above him, one of them handed him their paw, and offered to pick him off of the ground. He accepted, grabbing the paw and raising himself to his feet. Looking at him were three very unique characters, one being RukeTheWolf, who's bushy tail he noticed a second ago, Knurlnien who's beautiful flower he saw floating around, and as he looked down he saw ikushi standing there looking up at him with her shiny silver-blue eyes and smiling. This thought caused him to smile, and look at each of them and pull them all together, hugging them tightly. He was pleasantly surprised when the hug was returned by all. It was then that Brisk realized that even through the toughest times, there were folks out there who would lend out their kind hand to help someone who was down.

They had talked about what was causing him to be so down in the dumps, and how much good they've all done for others and themselves. That was all he needed at that point in time, was to hear that you can do all you want for other people, and that is wonderful, but you have to be happy yourself before you can go making others happy! He took this to heart, and thought it over while they continued their conversations.

He looked at all of them and softly let out a "Thank you so much", then introduced himself to them, resulting in the same from the gang. In that moment after introductions, he came to the conclusion that no matter what life threw at him, he'd persevere somehow and continue his happy-go-lucky lifestyle, spreading joy to all that would except it. To this day he constantly keeps in contact with all three of these wonderful folks, as well as others, keeping his vow to not stop spreading his joy throughout the world until there is nobody left to help!

Nowadays, Brisk can usually be found stargazing, creating some sort of art, or going out and doing what he can for others to try and make their lives a little brighter! He never forgot the wise words of the trio he met that day, but he may have some trouble here and there applying it, as his life goal gets in the way from time to time.

So that's my story, of the once unknown canine who decided that he would share his colors and happiness of being unique to the world. Hopefully you can take a little piece of Brisk's attitude and mentality with you when you leave, and help him spread joy and cheer to those who need it! I'm sure he'd love some more friends to talk to and share his adventures and creations with, so don't be shy!

Brisk : The Story of the Happy Go Lucky Canine!


14 May 2017 at 16:35:48 MDT

The backstory to everyone's favorite happy-go-lucky canine!

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