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hey my dudes!!

on 8 December 2019 at 02:12:21 MST

it's your local trans furry trash, charlie here~

it's been a hot second since i've been on here && i wanted to touch base. i'm in a more stable situation than i have been in months past. my health seems to be improving && i'm finally working again!! therefore, i can finally post art again!! which, in itself, is a big relief for me.... it's all well && good to fill up my sketchbook, but i've really missed doing digital work.

&&- since tumblr purged their nsfw content -i'm probably going to be posting stuff here more often. i'm going to try my best to post daily, but if i can't, there will at least be stuff up every weekend. please look forward to it <:

i've missed being part of this community so much. even more so since i moved almost 1000 miles away from my friends, family, && furcons. if there are any furs out in MO, hmu in a private message. i could totally use more friends ✰

stay golden 👌

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