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Create A Tiger


20 July 2015 at 14:49:55 MDT

This took a long time to finish up back when I did it in July of 2008.

The motivation behind this was a couple of things.
One reason was that I needed a project to keep me busy over summer break and hone my skills. The other reason was that Blastdav from needed something new to turn people into on furtopia and suggested a tiger.

The idea for this actually came from KCoyote's:
Create A Dragon:
Create A Wolf:
Which had already been used on furtopia.

After all the work I put into this I'm really happy how it turned out. Feel free to post your tiger on your account, screenshot, ID, or whatever, but please credit me a little bit. =)

Before you comment with a question or problem, please read the following:

To save you must screenshot:
If you use a Mac go to System Preferences > Mouse & Keyboard. Then set the keys for screen shot. If you use a PC press PrtScn button then just open a word doc or Paint and right-click paste. You can then crop your picture however you like. There are also many free screen capture programs available if you just look for them.

Yes you can use the screenshot on Weasyl, or other websites for whatever you want. Please credit me though. A username link and/or a link to this submission would very much be appreciated.

The backgrounds are just random stock images I found over the interned and slightly changed the look of and the poem is "The Tiger" by Sir William Blake. Everything else was drawn and coded by me.

Create A Tiger © Albino From About (me)

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